Webelos Resident Camp

Webelos Resident Camp
Last Day To Register
130 Scout Trail
Jamaica, VA, US
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The last date for registration has passed.


Camp Fees, Payment Schedules, and Registration/Refund Policies
Refunds Policy:
Occasionally incidents occur which preclude registered boys from attending Resident Camp. We ask units to work internally to try to fill vacated spots as they become available (remember to update Doubleknot). Refunds will only be given for the following reasons:
1) MandatoryattendanceofsummerschoolthatrunsconcurrentlywithWRC.(Officiallettermust accompany “request for refund form”)
2) Afamilyrelocatesmorethan150milesfromcamp(Copyofordersmustbesubmitted). 3) Adeathintheimmediatefamily(mother/father/brother/sister/grandparents)
4) Illnessorinjurywhichprecludesparticipationincampactivities(medicalnoterequired).
***All Refunds are subject to a $30.00 processing fee no matter the reason. Refunds will not be issued until September***
A Request for Refund must be submitted in writing, along with required verification, to the Council Office for approval. The request should include: Name of scout, Unit, Week scheduled to attend, Reason, and Address of initial payee. Refunded amounts will only be credited to whoever made the original payment(s). Monies that were passed through and paid by units will be refunded to those units in the form of credits at the Newport News Council Trading Post. Refunds will NOT be given to any scout who leaves camp due to homesickness or disciplinary action. Refund request can be sent to Amanda.wroten@scouting.org.
Camperships (Requests for Financial Aid):
No scout should be denied the opportunity to attend summer camp due to family financial constraints. Colonial Virginia Council allows for camperships to be distributed on an as needed basis. Scout families may apply for a campership for Scouts only, provided that; 1) the Scout actively participated in a Council fundraiser, is an active participant in their Pack, and has parent(s)/guardians who are active in Scouting, 2) receives at least 25% of the full camp fee from their Pack or Chartered Org., and 3) can provide at least 25% of the full camp fee.
Provisional Scouts:
Rappahannock Scout Camp offers a unique experience for those boys who are attending summer camp without his unit. The Provisional Scouts will be assigned to an existing pack that will welcome them for the week. An $100.00 deposit is required to reserve a space for each scout and full payment is required prior to attending camp, in accordance with the unit payment schedule. The deposit should be paid to the Council Service Center once the boy decides to participate as a Provisional scout. Scouts who are participating should arrive at camp with their assigned pack on Sunday for check-in. For more information contact Amanda Wroten at 757-595-3356, ext. 217 or email Amanda.wroten@scouting.org.
$175.00 per Adult
$50.00 per Daily rate
$175.00 per Den Chief
$245.00 per Webelos Scout
Cancellation Policy
Please see the leaders guide. http://www.bayportsr.org/uploads/2/3/5/7/23572110/webelosrcguide2014.pdf

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Colonial Virginia Council

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